We at Innique have made sustainability and a gentler, more efficient approach to resources a priority. Fundamentally, with our high-quality reusable drinks bottle, we produce a product that is very durable. For every reusable drinks bottle, hundreds of disposable bottles – which place a heavy burden on the environment – are saved. At the end of their lives, the bottles can be recycled in normal plastic recycling.


In recent years, several measures have been implemented to improve the ecological balance:

  • Production waste is fed back into the internal material cycle
  • Waste is recycled and used externally for the production of other products, e.g. for waste water pipes
  • With new energy-efficient machines, electricity savings of 30% have been achieved
  • The electricity is 100% generated from hydropower
  • The production halls are heated using the waste heat from the machines

Although a lot has been done, we are not resting on our laurels and are always looking for further opportunities for improvement. With B1.GREEN, we are bringing a drinks bottle to the market that is made of bio-based plastic. With this product innovation, we focus on renewable raw materials to replace fossil oil. Further steps for more sustainability will follow in the coming years.