Even bottles can change the world: B1.GREEN is made of Green PE – a bio-based plastic. Compared to disposable bottles made of PET, B1.GREEN can be used over and over again. This massively reduces the environmental impact of materials and waste. The bottles can be recycled as usual.


With each bottle produced, a climate protection project by myclimate is supported and CO2 emissions are thus offset.




B1.GREEN 500ml EN

  • Individual imprints
  • Naturally, without BPA, no plasticisers, free from pollutants
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Soft, stable plastic based on sugar cane
  • Swiss made

  • B1.GREEN 500 ml with push-pull cap
  • B1.GREEN 750 ml with push-pull cap

  • Bottle: transparent, pearl white, green (375c), silver-light, lilac (2716c), pink (7635c) and black
  • Closures: pearl white, green (375c), silver-light, lilac (2716c), pink (7635c) and black
  • With an order of 5,000 pieces or more, Pantone colours are also available

Green PE is a bio-based plastic. No fossil oil is used in the production of the B1.GREEN; just renewable resources: sugar cane.